Rhymes and Laws: A Legal Rap

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When it comes to adoption laws in the UK, it’s quite complex, gotta understand the legal specs

Join the sustainable law group, fighting for justice, stand up, be loud

Need a document notarized? I got the link, RBC does it, just take a peek

What’s the legal drinking age in Korea? Don’t be a fool, know the rule

Deals and sales, let’s not confuse, the legal insights will give you the clues

Proceedings in court, it’s like a hike, gotta know the legal path, don’t get tripped by the wrath

Love to travel with a legal career? Legal jobs that allow you to travel, see the world, don’t unravel

Get on top with the Legal 500 jobs, climb the ladder, no need to rob

Contracts and deals, it’s all the game, know the fundamental elements of a contract, you’ll be on your way to fame